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H.E.A.R. Benefit Concert

For the past nine years, we have maintained a multi-cultural music, art and performance space in the Mission. Each year we collectively self-produce our vision of "Carnival" and projects throughout the year. Our ideals foremost express a need to present a sustainable life for all species and all future generations. Where the air we breath, the land and water we live upon are free from pollution and nurtured in respect to trust in which it was given. Our time here was foreseen in the prophecies of the elders, we stand at a pivotal point in our story and in our evolution toward civilization. Only through the path of nonviolence will we come to the place of enlightenment. It is our belief that by exposing ourselves to as many cultures as possible, we will see all in which we are alike and in our differences, enrich our well understanding toward compassion and truth.

We consist of a very diverse group of people, coming from a place where community activism has been an integral part of our existence. Many of us are teachers of music, art, dance, language, healing, and sharing of knowledge on all levels of life.

Each year children's participation has been an important part of our vision. We work with kids from our families, neighborhood, schools, and such organizations as the Salvation Army Gateway Shelter, Hamilton House and San Francisco Girls and Boys Club. Children need us to help them channel their lives in creative directions. Only through inspiration and self worth will they make the right choices for a betterment of our world. The), are our future, like a garden when nurtured with foresight and knowledge flourish. Offering a place where they express their feelings and manifest their ideas is of primary importance in this incredibly alienating world.

In being accountable to our ideals we construct our floats and costumes using mostly recycled objects and materials of humankind and Mother Nature.

Every one in our group, including the kids, make their own costumes and together we work on all aspects of our float. By gathering together, united by an idea followed through from conception to completion. we are able to build a foundation for change.

Throughout the year we produce many multi-cultural music, art, and performance events at "A Waking Dream" featuring the best of the West Coast Jazz, Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Reggae and International groups. Our musical group plays a wide range of styles based in tribal rhythms, many handmade percussion instruments, melodic chanting and singing, spoken word and a textured array of soaring leads. We play to benefit our space, other organizations and individuals. Also giving classes and workshops on instrument making and playing.

In each life. we experience part of our immortality. The teachings we receive from our interaction with each other and our physical environment are lessons in completeness. Our masquerades are allegorical stories meant, through mime and movement. to enact people toward change. Dealing with many issues that affect our socio-eco balance, we create a positive vibration toward true galactic trust and acceptance.

Throughout the summer and fall. We participate in the Lesbian Gay Pride Celebration, Unity, Dia de los Muertos, gatherings, festivals and events.


2815 15th Street @ Bryant
San Francisco, CA 94110

A non-profit project

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