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We are excited by this opportunity to provide you with information about our antisipated development of Animated Hearing Awareness (AHA!) project. 

AHA! is a comprehensive website portal that will incorporate virtual exhibits, interactive game sequences, and a music hearing conservation guide for students, teachers, performers and other workers in arts and entertainment, as well as music fans (especially teens and young adults).

This project represents a collaboration between San Francisco-based nonprofit organization, H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) scientists, educators and artists, whose backgroundwill be vital to ensuring that AHA! is engaging and entertaining, while communicating the important information that represents its core goal.

With AHA!, we hope to inspire and motivate people to take proactive steps to prevent hearing loss – their own and others – by developing a fun, hip, playful, sensory immersion experience fusing animated art, video, visual art, sound effects and music: creating interactive demonstrations and games available via internet, DVD, mini application (iphone apps), and kiosk.

Support for AHA! and other H.E.A.R. programs is vital to ensuring that more people will come to learn about the importantce of protecting their most valuable sound instrument.. their ears.  If you would like to contribute to this and other important HEAR programs please contact Executive Director, Kathy Peck about a tax deductible donation to help support us. Thank you!



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