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Released by:

FDR (Face Down Records)
PO Box 1733
Burlington, NJ 08016

ph: (609) 239-9841
fax: (609) 239-7822 www.facedown.net

Available 3/23/04

Who's Not Forgotten: - A Tribute To The Who

CD Benefiting H.E.A.R.

The Story • Line UpDedication & Insert

Being a WHO fan for the last four decades has been a challenge. The power chords, the remarkable creativity, the personnel changes, the glorious and profoundly sad history...all extreme, creative and thought provoking. Reaching out from the windmill laden performance at Woodstock, across the decades to the Internet, the WHO has built a foundation that is solid, remarkable and powerful.

Generally speaking, I loathe "tribute" CDs. Having admitted that, I am thrilled to report The WHO Tribute CD "WHO's Not Forgotten" produced by Mick Chorba, president of Face Down Records, and distributed by Face Down Records and H.E.A.R., takes the music to the next level, not better, not worse, but worthy of exploration, an interpretive auditory delight and a certain trip down memory lane for those of us old enough to remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan (gulp).

Many of the recordings are true to the original arrangements, while others take excursions along lines Townshend would probably find interesting and appealing.

In particular, I loved and listened over and over to the interpretations of "Athena," "Squeeze Box," "The Kids Are Alright," "I Can't Explain," "I Can See For Miles," "1921," "The Real Me," and "Substitute." I can imagine Townshend playing along on those cuts - not a trivial image at all! Throughout the CD, I hear the welcome ongoing influence of Keith Moon - the original wild man of percussion. I remember when I was learning to play drums in the 60s, I often thought of Keith Moon and Ginger Baker (from Cream, and later Blind Faith) as playing "lead percussion" rather than "rhythm percussion." So many of the drummers on this album are playing lead - I think Keith would be shocked and pleased to see that his percussive thought processes have been heard, explored and maintained.

Pete Townsend with H.E.A.R.This CD offers a multitude of exceptional WHO music. I enjoyed it as a fan, as a musician, and I urge you to purchase a copy to help support the Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) program. Thanks to all "who" participated in the creation of this CD. The phenomenal musicians and the amazing tech people and thanks to Pete Townsend for being an integral part of this, and so many other successes. Lastly, thanks to my colleague, Kathy Peck, Executive Director of H.E.A.R. for highlighting the prevention of hearing loss for musicians and fans, and thanks for all the time, energy and strength she has given the H.E.A.R. movement.

Dr. Douglas L. Beck
Audiologist & Editor-In-Chief



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