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Working out of San Francisco The Contractions burned across the Punk/New Wave scene in the late 70's and early 80's. Their rough edged urban garage rock mixed with a pop-funk sensibility grabbed immediate fan and critical support. Mary Kelley played lead guitar, Kathy Peck was on bass, and Debbie Hopkins weighed in on the drums. And everybody sang. The Contractions were a female trio with the right sound in the right place, at the right time. The Contractions played 4 national tours and shared shows with Duran Duran, The Jim Carroll Band, The Go Go's, The Blasters, Oingo Boingo, X, Black Flag, DKs Chris Isaak and many many others.

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New TheContraction.com website Launched!

Here's just a few things people were saying about the band as they toured the country:

"...their music has the hard driven, raw energy that's the earmark of the New Wave and (they're) performing better than most anybody else around." - Pacific Sun

"...a hard hitting trio, blending infectious rhythms with lyrics and themes touching on the avant-garde." - L.A. Weekly

"...(there's) danger in their music, music that's on the edge and constantly shifting." - Toronto's SHADE'S

"The Contractions are a new band, definitely not trend followers, their music defies any real attempt at categorization." - DAMAGE

The Contractions were always energetic and exciting. Their shows worked because their audience and the band were on the same wave, playing hard, playing tight, and keeping all the rough edges needed to make it in the urban scene.

Contractions reunited 2001 for the first time in over a decade for the "H.E.A.R. This" benefit CD compilation adding their song track " Rules and Regulations" to the international Punk and Rock roaster of bands. Bass player, Kathy Peck is the co-founder of Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R) and its executive director. Mary Kelley got her degree from St. John's College and has continued her music career writing and touring the East Coast and Europe. Debbie Hopkins continued her drumming with Bay Area bands and is a now a physical therapist.

Press: Female Musician

Listen to the Contractions track: Bewitching Me MP3

Contractions Live at SIR San Francisco Angle Prod. 1981
Magazine Phobia

Reunion Shows

February 3, 2001

" H.E.A.R. This" benefit
Contractions Reunion photo album


June 2, 2001.

Black and White Ball

Discography: Album: Something Broke
Singles: Rules and Regulation/ You Touched Me
Breaking Up Is Not Hare To Do /Don't Blame It On Me
Sound of Music Compliation
HEAR THIS CD Compilation on SubCity Records available at Tower Records and other records stores across the US.

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