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THE CONTRACTIONS -- MARY KELLEY on lead guitar, KATHY PECK on bass, and DEBBIE HOPKINS on drums -- burned across the national Punk/New Wave scene from 1979 through 1985.

One of the very first all-female rock bands to establish a national reputation, their rough-edged music mixed an urban garage-rock sound with a pop-funk sensibility and grabbed immediate fan and critical support. The "criminally underrated trio" according to Ira Robbins from Trouser Press is back together for a series of reunion gigs including a June 2 performance at the San Francisco Symphonys Black and White Ball.

The Contractions were born in 1979 when three women from very different backgrounds came together in San Francisco: Drummer Debbie Hopkins had been playing professionally since the age of 15 and was a veteran of many Bay Area rock bands; Mary Kelley, a guitarist and classically trained French Horn player was anxious to forge new musical territory with a rock band; and Kathy Peck, a singer-songwriter was just joining the local scene and starting out on the bass.

Surrounded and supported by the electric atmosphere of the burgeoning underground music scene in the Bay Area, The Contractions played their first gig at the legendary Deaf Club. In their heyday, The Contractions were headliners at major clubs from Santa Cruz to Sacramento where they regularly played to sold-out crowds before hundreds of fans. The Contractions also shared shows with many of the major bands in the early 80s including Duran Duran, The Go Gos, the Jim Carroll Band, The Blasters, Oingo Boingo, X, Black Flag, Chris Isaak, and many others. Highlights of the Contractions live performance career include two self-supported national headlining tours encompassing more than 65 cities. Without any major label to support their efforts, the energetic trio self-released two singles, "Rules and Regulations" and "Breaking Up (Is Not Hard to Do)" in addition to an album "Something Broke" in 1984.

After the group disbanded in 1985, bass player Kathy Peck co-founded Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers (H.E.A.R.) and still serves as its executive director; Debbie Hopkins studied for her degree in physical therapy and now practices in the Bay Area; and Mary Kelley received a graduate degree from St. Johns College in Santa Fe, New Mexico while still continuing to pursue her musical career in New York City, Europe, and now again in the Bay Area.

The Contractions reunited this year for the first time in more than decade with a special benefit performance at the Paradise Lounge. The trio also contributed their song track "Rules and Regulations" to the H.E.A.R. THIS CD compilation which features an international roster of punk and rock bands.

*For more information contact: the Contractions http://www.hearnet.com/about/about_contractions.shtml

What the Critics Said About The Contractions "...a hard hitting trio, blending infectious rhythms with lyrics and themes touching on the avantgarde." L.A. WEEKLY

"Unlike almost all other bands composed exclusively of women, the Contractions totally downplay gender issues. They are neither overly feminist, sex-image-oriented or self-conscious, finding the ideal alternative by simply being an excellent rock band. . . solid playing and an earthy sound." Ira Robbins, THE NEW TROUSER PRESS RECORD GUIDE "

...(there's) danger in their music, music that is on the edge and constantly shifting." Toronto's SHADES

"Through out its all original set, the trio combines a backstreet gestalt with power, a bit of melodic strangeness, and a love for changing time signatures. Combined, it renders a colorful blend, and one sparked with an original bent. Bonnie MacKinnon, MUSIC CONNECTION "

The Contractions are a band, definitely not trend followers, their music defies any real attempt at categorization." DAMAGE

"From these days have come a very energetic performance band that through the passage of time have become dedicated to their craft. Their sound has matured into a more cohesive unit. They are not kids anymore, they are women with a message." Susie Leon,THE QUAKE

*For more information contact:

For Bookings and email list Contact Contractions



Kathy Peck and Mary Kelley of the Contractions

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