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H.E.A.R. THIS Benefit CD

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The Contractions- An all woman trio that acclaimed much success in the early 80's playing with the likes of bands such as Duran Duran,the Dead Kennedy's, the Go Go's, Oingo boingo, Pearl Harbor and The Explosions among many others will be regrouping for the first time in 1o years. Many fans will be waiting with anticipation for this reunion. H.E.A.R. founder Kathy Peck played bass with this band and wrote the song "Rules and Regulations" which is on the "HEAR This" CD.

The Lewd- The Lewd originated in Seattle in the 70's and migrated south to San Francisco where they gained critical acclaim. During the bands strongest incarnation with J. Sats Beret on Vocals, Bob Clic on Guitar, Olga Devolga on Bass and Chris Reece (ex-Social Distortion) they released "American Whino" which is now being sold on the net for $100 an LP. The band recently reformed with J. Sats Beret and Bob Clic enlisted a new rhythm section but still wowing crowds with their energized music and stage show. The band recently opened for The Melvins at Hollywood's Troubadour Club.

White Trash Debutantes- Have been playing since 1989 and are still going strong. They have appeared on such television shows as "Jerry Springer", "A Current Affair". "Entertainment Tonight" and "Inside Edition". Many remember the band from their invitation to fallen Olympic Figure Skater Tonya Harding to join the band. Of course they also had as a member the notorious "Punk Rock Patty Pierce" who at 85 years old was the oldest female in a punk band. Their track on the "HEAR This" CD "Hey Nick" is dedicated to the memory of the late Nick Traina son of famed author Danielle Steel. The track also has backing vocals by Jennifer Finch (L7, Other Star People), Emmy Nominated Actress Amy Carlson, Xander Smith (Other Star People),Paige Darling (The Darlings) and Tequila Mockingbird (Nina Hagen and Jeff Golblum). Ms. Steel invited lead singer to contribute to a book she wrote about Nick and his bout with being bi-polar called "His Bright Light."

Visitor 42- This highly acclaimed band hailing from the East Bay has been compared to a cross between Black Flag and Hank Williams so one can imagine the musical versatility this band has. They have toured up and down the West coast playing with bands such as Poison Idea, The Donna's and The Dwarves. Their new CD "Heavy Handed Hospitality" is garnering the band rave reviews. Their song "Everything" on the "HEAR This" CD is dedicated to better world for us to all live in.

Nuns with Guns

Meri St. Mary

Hopeless/SubCity Records www.hopelessrecords.com or, your local participating record store!
Price: $9.98

Line Up:

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp
Texas Terri
White Trash Debutantes
Other Star People
Scared Of Chaka
The McRackins
The Avengers
Shonen Knife
Peter Coyote
The Bellrays
The Dimwits
The Lewd
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