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For Immediate Release

H.E.A.R. Launches New PSAs with Top Music Artists, Earplug Campaign for the Clubs and HEARNET.COM On-Line Music Product Benefit Auction!

As part of May Better Hearing Month

H.E.A.R. has produced new public service announcements (PSAs) with Perry Farrell (aka Pertez) of Janes Addiction, DJ Qbert of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz, George Clinton of PFUNK, DJPolywog, MERMEN, Hip Hop artist Lil'Zane and others.

The NEW PSAs WILL BE AIRED MARCH 18th - 8PM AT 111 MINNA GALLERY IN SF H.E.A.R. AID BENEFIT with DJ Polywog and Quest. Pick up a pair of free EAR earplugs at the event! For more info checkout www.hearnet.com...while your at it check our the new www.HEAPplug.com MP3 benefit music tracks!

H.E.A.R. will make the PSAs available for the first time on their web site www.hearnet.com for web download and for TV broadcast and radio.

Also scheduled for May launch on Hearnet.com is the new H.E.A.R.On-line Benefit Auction of music products and memorabilia. Gibson Guitar, Future Sonics, Millennia Media, Warner Brothers, ROCKERGRL, and Zildjian have already donated music products to support H.E.A.R.


Impak Corporation Lends a Hand to H.E.A.R. to Help Fight Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in DJ Clubs and Live Music Venues. Impak Corporation leading manufactures of logo earplug pouches and other packaging needs has agreed to generously donate a portion of their proceeds from sales of logo earplug pouches to Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers, (H.E.A.R.) a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of Hearing loss and Tinnitus.

By going to the www.impakcorp.com website musicians, DJs, club owners, music industry companies and others can order logo earplugs pouches with their brand name for their next club date, special events or promotions.

"This is a fantastic way for bands, DJ's and others to not only promote themselves but to support H.E.A.R.and Hearing Awareness in the Clubs", says H.E.A.R.'s Executive Director, Kathy Peck.

Logo Earplug Pouches #9100M can be ordered in quantities as low as 250 in a assortment of colors at www.impakcorp.com. Be sure to tell them H.E.A.R. sent you and your order number #9100M.

For more information on H.E.A.R. or how you can help go here.

Contact:Kathy Peck

You Only Have one Pair of Precious Ears ...So Please Take Care of Them.



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