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Welcome to the latest edition of WISE EARS! News - the best place for WISE EARS! coalition members to follow the campaign's progress in preventing noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in the public and the worker.

NEW OUTREACH ACTIVITIES WISE EARS! launched its rural health outreach effort this month to coincide with National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 23. Look for "Bang! Boom! Buzzz!" in your local newspapers. It's a new article that encourages Americans living in rural areas to protect their hearing. Other activities included a National Institutes of Health News Advisory calling for hearing protection in rural America. The advisory was sent to national and local media outlets, State Offices of Rural Health, and health professionals at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Annual Conference in Washington, D.C.

NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR HEARING HEALTH - TOXIC NOISE INITIATIVE The National Campaign for Hearing Health (NCHH), WISE EARS! coalition member, launched its Toxic Noise initiative over the July 4th weekend. The purpose is to catalyze public attention and action around the issue of noise-induced hearing loss. The launch received extensive coverage nationwide including a front page USA Today story. On August 16, a Labor Day Toxic Noise release provided the NCHH's Harris Poll results on hearing testing frequency. Elizabeth Foster, NCHH director, was interviewed by WRKO-Boston and KBRO-San Francisco. This month, a back-to-school Toxic Noise release encourages parents to have their children's hearing tested and urges children to practice "volume discipline."

NCHH also launched their Teen Toxic Noise Project using Memphis, TN as their model city. To learn more visit www.hearinghealth.net or www.toxicnoise.org. Congratulations to NCHH for dedicating its new national headquarters on September 25. The address is: 1050 17th Street, NW, Suite 701 Washington, DC 20036. (202) 289-5850

HEALTHY PEOPLE 2010 COMMITTEE ON HEARING MEETS NIDCD, the co-lead with the National Eye Institute on Chapter 28, "Vision and Hearing," hosted its first meeting to exchange information and data related to the objectives in the Healthy People 2010 Chapter on Hearing and Vision. Several objectives relate to the WISE EARS! campaign, including hearing protection and preventing NIHL in children, workers and the public. Working Group members include government representatives, professional organizations, and some WISE EARS! partners.

4-H JOINS WISE EARS! 4-H, an international organization offering young people opportunities in communications, leadership, career development, livestock, home improvement, and computer technology, has joined WISE EARS! 4-H programs are conducted in 3,150 counties of the United States as well as internationally, and there are 46 million alumni enrolled. Healthy lifestyle is an important aspect of the leadership content. They also have special programs through land grant colleges and universities, historically Black colleges and universities, and American Indian and Native Alaskan programs.

GIRL SCOUTS OVERWHELMING RESPONSE In our first week of partnership with Girl Scouts USA, we potentially reached over 70,000 girls and their families with the WISE EARS! message. Packages arrived at Girl Scout Councils across the Nation on July 25, 2000. Within the first week, several councils responded quickly and enthusiastically requesting loads of information and materials on the WISE EARS! campaign. Thanks to the following Councils for their immediate response: The Girl Scouts San Diego Imperial Council; The Rio Grande Girl Scout Council; Green Tree Girl Scout Council; Girl Scout Council of Bergen County; The Redlands Council of Girl Scouts.

CHECK YOUR MAIL Coalition members will receive a package in the mail next month containing our WISE EARS! grassroots flyer in English and Spanish, an NIH News Advisory on Hearing Protection in Rural America, WISE EARS! tent cards, and other new materials. Members needing bulk supplies should contact the NIDCD clearinghouse at 1-800-241-1044. Other materials available are: Posters (large and small) WISE EARS! Grassroots flyer Stickers Bookmarks Ad Slicks Fact Sheets Pins Banners Magnets Folders Door hangers Tent Cards Se Habla Espanol WISE EARS! is making a targeted effort to reach workers and children in the Latino/Latina and Hispanic communities. We have produced many WISE EARS! >publications in Spanish. Some items of interest are: Matte Feature Article Ten Ways to Recognize Hearing Loss Bookmark Grassroots flyer How Loud is Too Loud Ruler Film Slide for Movie Theatres

NEWS FROM YOU :Hearing Education for Rockers (H.E.A.R) was the topic of a question on VH-1 Rock & Roll JEOPARDY TV Show which airs globally. Vince Neil of Motley Crue was asked, "What is the organization co-founded by Kathy Peck to prevent hearing loss among Rock Musicians?" Vince replied, "What is H.E.A.R.?" Rock & Roll JEOPARDY! Airs every Monday at 8:00 PM EST and is re-broadcast every Saturday at 11 am EST on VH-1. We always knew that H.E.A.R. was a good answer! For more information on the WISE EARS! campaign, visit: http://www.nih.gov/nidcd/Marin Allen, NIDCD Max Lum, NIOSH e-mail Marin_Allen@nih.gov mrl1@cdc.gov telephone (301) 496-7243 (202) 401-0721 fax (301) 402-0018 (202) 260-1898 Sharon Ricks

> --------------------------------------------------- > Public Affairs Specialist Office of Health Communication and Public Liaison NIDCD 31 Center Drive, MSC 2320 Building 31, 3C-35 301-496-7243 (voice) 301-402-0018 (fax) lel@nidcd.nih.gov


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