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H.E.A.R. auction

Music and Sound Auction for Safe Hearing


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The Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio has announced that it will present the TEC Awards Music and Sound Auction on eBay, starting on October 21 and running through November 2. The auction will coincide with the 20th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards, to be held on Saturday, October 30 at the San Francisco Marriott.

The online auction will be managed by H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers), a nonprofit dedicated to informing musicians and the public about the prevention of hearing impairment in the music environment. Proceeds will benefit H.E.A.R., as well as the Sound Partners campaign of the House Ear Institute of Los Angeles, co-founded by the Mix Foundation in 1997.


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For information about TEC Awards tickets or sponsorships, call Karen Dunn at 925-939-6149, email karen@tecawards.org, or visit www.mixfoundation.org.

Presented by the Mix Foundation and sponsored by Mix magazine, The TEC Awards is the world's foremost event recognizing the achievements of technical professionals in recording and sound. Nominees in 23 categories are voted on by subscribers of Mix magazine, while the Hall of Fame and Les Paul lifetime achievement awards honor individuals who have set the highest standards of creative excellence in music and audio. This year, the TEC Awards will induct filmmaker George Lucas and engineer/producer Elliot Scheiner into the Hall of Fame, and present the Les Paul Award to famed producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Actor and comedian Harry Shearer will host the ceremony.


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Auction items will include pro audio and music equipment (recording devices, microphones, loudspeakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, etc.) as well as guitars and other instruments, music memorabilia, hotel and spa packages and special gift items.


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Since 1997, House Ear Institute (HEI) has provided free hearing screenings to well over 5,000 music and sound industry professionals at industry trade events around the country. HEI offers this outreach service for industry professionals through its Sound Partners hearing conservation program. In addition to hearing screenings, industry pros also receive literature on the scientific facts that matter most surrounding the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss as well as free consultations with our non-profit research audiologists. HEI is proud to share its world-renowned scientific research and decades of knowledge with the audio and music pros who depend on sound advice when it comes to their hearing health.

H.E.A.R. (Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness of the real dangers of repeated exposure to excessive noise levels from music which can lead to permanent, and sometimes debilitating, hearing loss and tinnitus. Damage from loud sound can occur from playing music, attending concerts, dance clubs, raves, using stereo earphones, playing amplified systems too loudly, or other noisy activities. We're here for musicians, DJs, sound engineers, music fans (especially teens) and anyone needing help with their hearing.

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