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Shelley Akers

Website: www.hsph.harvard.edu/ccpe
Phone: 617-384-8692
Email: contedu@hsph.harvard.edu

Acute and Chronic Noise Exposure:
Strategies for Preventing, Diagnosing, and Treating Hearing Loss
March 26–28, 2008
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, Massachusetts

New Topics for 2008
Epidemiology of NIHL: Is Noise a Growing Concern?
Medical-Legal Evaluation of NIHL and Tinnitus
Building an NIHL Prevention Campaign that Targets Exposures to Younger Ears

Other Topics Covered
-Extent of the public health problem of noise-induced hearing loss
-Noise-induced hearing loss from work-related and recreational exposures
-Traumatic hearing loss, including hearing loss from explosive devices
-Strategies for measurement of noise levels and risk reduction, including application of OSHA, international, and military standards
-Hearing protection and risk reduction, including acoustic modifications, engineering controls, and the proper use of personal hearing protection
-Pharmacologic treatments on the horizon for treatment and prevention of hearing loss and tinnitus
-Methods of establishing effective hearing-loss prevention programs

Who Should Attend
Occupational Medicine Physicians, Pediatricians, Otolaryngologists, Industrial Hygienists, Occupational Health Nurses, School Nurses, School and Industrial Audiologists, Health and Safety Managers/Professionals, Union Leaders, Human Resource Managers, Claims Adjustors, Exposed Workers, Construction Managers, Acoustic Engineers, Training Coordinators, and OSHA/Military Compl

Scholarships Available!

For more information on this course or to register:
Visit: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/ccpe/programs/ACNE.shtml
Call: 617-384-8692
Email: contedu@hsph.harvard.edu
Please mention your reference code: ACN08-CAL17