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Audiologists...Who Are They?

Kathy Peck

An audiologist is the health professional who specializes in evaluating and treating people with hearing loss. They conduct a variety of tests to determine the exact nature of an individual's hearing problem and can present numerous options for treatment to clients with hearing impairment and tinnitus. Audiologists also provide education and training for clients with hearing impairment to provide benefits from amplification and improved communication skills. Basically, they're very cool folks who want to help people!

Audiologists use the most advanced technology to individualize the fitting of hearing aids. Following a thorough series of tests, the audiologist and client discuss the client's individual needs and hearing aid options. They provide quality follow-up care as well as whatever hearing aid accessories are helpful. Audiologists dispense the majority of hearing aids in the United States.

Hearing protection to prevent tinnitus and hearing loss is the number one concern of musicians and fans exposed to excessive levels of sound in rehearsal, at the studio, and in the clubs and arenas. H.E.A.R. Partner Audiologists work to promote hearing conservation in the music community and provide custom hearing protection and ear molds for ear monitor devices for stage or studio. It's really a perfect match between musicians and the music lovers of the world with the professional audiologist.

Some of the services Audiologists provide include:

  • full diagnostic hearing evaluations

  • custom hearing protection and ear molds

  • dispensing and fit hearing aids

  • dispensing assistive listening devices and personal alerting devices

  • tests of balance to evaluate dizziness

  • hearing and tinnitus research

  • hearing rehabilitation training

Whenever a hearing problem needs medical or surgical evaluation audiologists refer patients to an ear specialist or otolaryngologist.

Audiologists are readily accessible to the public. They practice in private offices, hospitals and medical centers, clinics, public and private schools, universities, rehabilitation or speech and hearing centers, and nursing homes. They work closely with government and non-profit agencies, practicing physicians and hearing aid manufacturers.

H.E.A.R. Partner Audiologists, Ear Doctors and Hearing Specialists work closely with the music community. They understand the special needs of musicians concerned about hearing loss, tinnitus, and, the effect hearing damage has on their music careers and music enjoyment. Audiologists are committed to hearing health and to educating the public to the importance of safety and preventative hearing measures. Remember you can't enjoy the music if you can't hear.


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