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The Millenium Plague

by John A. Frink
EMR Mitigation since 1946 Member EMR Alliance and NEFTA

Forty 90s Diseases Caused by Dehydration and/or Exposure to Pulsating EMFs.


Two common events happening at the same time, Dehydration and EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields).


Our bodies are 75% water. Water in and around each cell nourishes, cradles and protects. Lack of water sends a signal of pain. The pain is misdiagnosed and named Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive Motion Disease. Individual water consumption has dropped, replaced in quantity, not quality, by colas, coffee, tea and other liquids. Plain water is a unique miracle.

Plain Water Stops Dehydraiton - Other Liquids Do Not!

Our body is the world's most advanced irrrigation system. It sends water to different areas of the body. Delivery is by need and function. The brain, life systems and organs high priority,wrists low priority....Result: dehydration now misidentified as Carpal.


Immersion into 60 cycle electromagnetic radiation fields causes every cell in your body to slam back and forth sixty times a second.

The Resultant Damage is Worse if Protective Water is Missing.

Mystery: Why Are Some Stricken, Others Not?

Question, the next carpal turnnel victims you meet.... Their answers will suprise you. Yes, they do work in an EMF loaded area. (counter girls in fast food stands, computer and business machine operators, grocery cashiers and many others are frequently saturated with 20 to 100 times more powerful EMFs than people worried about living next to a power line). NO, they do not drink anywhere near 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. (Most say they drink little water and mistakenly believe other liquids do what waterdoes). Wrong! Water is Unique....Water is Us!


Proper water consumption, prudent avoidance and mitigation of EMFs.

Hearing health also benefits from pleanty of fresh water and good circulation of the blood stream.


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