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We All Deserve Those Happy Days Again. (for tinnitus sufferers)

by Robert Magedoff

I would like to introduce myself My name is Robert Magedoff and, like you, I am a tinnitus sufferer. The Tinnitus Away program was created for and by me. When I first developed this condition, I had spent thousands of dollars and numerous hours seeking professional help, from ENT and hearing specialists all over the country, for the tinnitus I had developed in both my ears. At the same time, I started doing extensive research to find out as much as I could about tinnitus and what my real prognosis was. From all this, I developed a considerable understanding of this new chronic condition I now had. The primary course of treatment I initially chose was "sound habituation" therapy (a two-year Plus process) through a well-known Tinnitus Clinic.

From the education I received there, I started to understand what role my brain and subconscious was playing in my condition. For years, I have been using subliminal messaging and self-hypnosis to keep me positive and relaxed, especially with the high-powered executive career I had established for myself. Immediately, I realized that I could enhance my treatment with subliminal reprogramming and self-hypnosis, which would assist in reducing my conscious awareness of the tinnitus and change my response to the constant noise. With help from the nation's leading subliminal and hypnotic tape developer, Dr. Jonathan Parker, I created a tape series specifically designed for my tinnitus.

Dr. Parker, a tinnitus sufferer himself, holds a Ph. D. in Human Behavior, an M.S. in Psychology, and a B.S. in Chemistry. He is the creator of one of the largest self development libraries in the world, with more than 1,000 audio programs. For over 30 years, he has offered a way to permanent personal fulfillment with unique methods that go beyond traditional motivational self-help techniques. His work has earned him a high standing with companies, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and health professionals who regularly use his programs with their employees, patients, and clients. More than a million people, in over 50 countries around the world, are using his programs. And to date, he has distributed more than 10 million tapes worldwide.


The most widely accepted process because of its effectiveness and success, hypnosis is one of the best ways of reducing tinnitus volume, as well as, the stress and depression that normally accompany tinnitus. Hypnosis has been found to give excellent results in treating many of us whose tinnitus failed to respond to other forms of treatment. A great deal of research has been done into the effectiveness of hypnosis on tinnitus patients. The general conclusion is that, with the proper messaging, it has produced worthwhile benefits. A generic hypnosis tape will not work. However, a program focused only on tinnitus can be extremely effective for the sufferer.

The process of hypnosis puts a person into a state of heightened awareness and focused concentration known as "the alpha state". Recent studies have shown this state of mind to be superior for learning, memory recall and training the mind to overcome what most people consider to be their "bad programming" from past experiences, including tinnitus. Under this type of treatment, a tinnitus sufferer can work towards reducing the tinnitus sound by reprogramming the mind on how it listens to the tinnitus. This course of treatment can also work with other symptoms that are associated with tinnitus, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. This type of therapy works because it accomplishes two vital things. First, it removes the negative association attached to the tinnitus. Secondly, it removes the emotional clusters associated with tinnitus noise. By removing these two items, individuals will find themselves considerably less troubled by their tinnitus and may, over time, even find that the tinnitus sound has gone away.


Subliminal messaging has been used successfully from advertising in the 1950s to self-help in the 1980s. Countless scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of such messaging. The use of Subliminal reprogramming works because it bypasses your conscious mind and reaches directly into your subconscious. It is in the subconscious that the true source of change within all of' us can be created. Bypassing the consciousness also bypasses much of our resistance to change. The subliminal messaging allows the tinnitus sufferer to hear thousands of' positive tinnitus reduction affirmations in a short period of' time, while counteracting the negative programming from the tinnitus and its sounds. Behind soothing background Music or environmental sounds, the positive messaging in our program can be heard while in one's office, driving a car, taking a walk, relaxing around the house, working in the garden, watching TV, or just about anywhere you would like to listen to music. Through Our research, we found that soothing music imparts a sense of well-being by creating a relaxing effect on the body and mind while improving concentration and memory, which in turn creates a mentally stimulating environment for learning and understanding.


Mind-Talk programs give the user a penetrating combination of' both audible and subliminal affirmations with both male and female voices. This combination produces a truly dramatic healing change within your inner mind. While you are consciously hearing the affirmations, your subconscious mind will be storing the same healing affirmations, which are embedded in the soothing environmental background sounds and beautiful music.

Each program is designed to penetrate your mind deeply and imprint new patterns. So, play them while you are working, relaxing, exercising or anytime throughout the day-You can even use the tape to become a renewed person during meditation or sleep. Sleep-learning is powerful, life changing subconscious programming is just play a tape softly and listen as you go to sleep.

The program is extremely easy to use and it is perfectly safe. It is a 6 hour program that consists of two hypnosis tapes or CD's, two subliminal messaging tapes or CDs with soothing music and environmental sounds for better retention, two Mind Talk tapes or CD's and a comprehensive research guide about Tinnitus, the ear, the various causes of tinnitus, the various treatments available, and a complete listing of associations, clinic, and programs available to people with tinnitus.

Tinnitus Away is designed to help the listener turn down his or her tinnitus sounds and ultimately stop listening to these disturbing sounds. This program worked for me and I believe it will work for you.

For every Tinnitus Away program purchased from H.E.A.R., Ramco Industries will give a donation to H.E.A.R. in your name and include the new Visualization and Deep Self Hypnosis tape or CD at no charge. The Tinnitus Away program is exclusively available through Ramco Industries: Therapeutic Research Group, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and can be ordered from H.E.A.R..

(* please allow for 3 to 4 week delivery)

Robert A. Magedoff
Geromatrix Health Products Div.
Pulsecast Interactive Corporation


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