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The DangsArtist of the Month, April 1997

The Dangs

The Dangs: picture Americana rock 'n' roll, down-home, earthy driving-across-the-country-in-a-flatbed-truck storytelling approach with a pop accent, according to Dangs bass player Demian Bannister. Agreeing with that deep, picturesque summation, H.E.A.R proudly presents The Dangs as the March Artist of the Month. In their first week together The Dangs debuted at San Francisco's Paradise Lounge and saw their first review hit the newsstands. As week two rolled around they found themselves in the recording studio recording the first of three Hartwig/Scott originals.

Front-runners Jeff Hartwig, and Jaime Scott started the band, later to be joined by Bassist Demian Bannister, Drummer Craig Turner and Keyboard/Guitar player Chris Collins. All five members have extensive, admirable backgrounds. Hartwig's history cites touring with the Ramones as the singer for King Flux, a New York-based band featuring guitarist Richie Stotz (ex-Plasmatics) and years as part of the early 90's Manhattan club scene that launched the careers of known artists Joan Osborne, Jono Manson and Lisa Loeb. Jaime Scott spent his pre-Dang days with the pop metal band, Vain. Jaime's post -Vain exploits include gigging with Steven Adler from Guns 'n' Roses as road crew and auditioned for Ozzy Osbourne. Bassist Demian Bannister was a favored session musician of producer, Neil Kernon (Elton John), while Boston native Craig Turner spent time backing Rick James. Chris Collins was Shana Morrison's keyboardist.

Recently, The Dangs participated in San Francisco's SFO 3 Music Conference showcasing as part of BMI's New Music Nights. They also completed a tour of the Midwest and Rockies supporting New Orleans' legends Dash Rip Rock. Locally they have been making the rounds with such bands acts as The Mother Hips and The Connells. The Dangs are a tight combo and bring a modern approach to folk song writing. Good Luck fellas!! We are proud to have you as our Artist of the Month!!


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