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Soul DivineArtist of the Month, May 1997

Soul Divine

Soul Divine is an original rock band with strong musicianship and dynamic songwriting, enhanced by the powerful lead vocals of Judea Eden and brought full circle by the other Soul Sisters, Carrie Baum (guitar), Joan Martin (bass & backing vocals), and Robin Bordow (drums). Judeas' vocals are similar to Linda Perry, of the now non-existent Four Non-Blondes, except with a smidge more of this all-girl bands' special ingredients:

rock+funk+soul = Soul Divine.

Formed in '95 in San Francisco, they immediately had, and still have a large and devoted following, regularly packing such clubs as the Blue Lamp, CoCo Club, Hotel Utah, DNA Lounge,Bottom of the Hill, Paradise Lounge, Club Boomerang, The Starry Plough and Berkeley Square.

Not a group to shy away from large outdoor venues they've performed on the main stage at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco , dazzled golf fans at the Dinah Shore Invitational in Palm Springs and got San Francisco Mayoral Candidate, Roberta Achtenbergs election return party started off with a bang, i.e. ROCKIN!!

Soul Divine claim some influences in their music include: Heart, The Rolling Stones and Earth Wind and Fire.

Currently they have a self-titled 6 song CD out with some tough grooves and asphalt kicken rock tunes. Soul Divine also contributed a song on the CD Christmas Time in San Francisco, released in 1995.

H.E.A.R is proud to honor Soul Divine as our April Artist of the Month, they have more than earned it! Keep on rockin ladies, you've got what it takes to make it in this Rock-n-Roll Mecca.

Check out Soul Divine on the Web: http://www.slip.net/~sodivine


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