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Listen Smart video

Listen Smart: Safely Handling the Power of Sound: This “rockumentary” features interviews with some of today’s most popular musicians (including Ozzy Osbourne, Wyclef Jean and Moby) as they talk about the kinds of long-term hearing damage that can occur when music and other sounds are played too loudly. Students are given a detailed look at the mechanics of sound as well as an easy-to-follow description of how the human ear works. As the video progresses, viewers are offered the tools necessary to understand why high-decibel sounds can create such unintended havoc on the body. Both educational and entertaining, this video will help your students discover how they can make better choices in their auditory “consumption.” This video and print package includes useful tips on hearing protection, information on the short-term and long-term effects of noise exposure and solid advice from music professionals who are familiar with the wide world of sound. Features: Ozzy Osbourne, Wyclef Jean, Metallica, and Moby Produced by Dan Beck. Awards: Cine Golden Eagle Award Running Time: 15 minutes Close Captioned Includes: Video and Teacher's Resource Book digital PDF.

Funding for H.E.A.R.'s Listen Smart program in the San Francisco Bay Area provdied by

The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Listen Smart short promo trailer 3 min.
Listen Smart DVD is a powerful rockumentary that can help educate anyone to save their ears!

Listen Smart DVD Rockumentary Movie Order Now through H.E.A.R.- Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers.

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