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Jeff BerlinVIP, March 1996

Jeff Berlin

There are musicians and there are great musicians. Then there are the handful of players blessed with gifts simply not available to the rest of us. They are the musician's musicians. Jeff Berlin is one of the gifted ones. Jeff's the bass player recognized by musicians and fans around the world as one of the most influential players to ever pickup the instrument (and that's taking into account a lot of very talented people).

Here's just few things that have been said about Jeff's playing:

Eddie Van Halen: "There's nobody better on bass. The greatest jam session I ever had was with Jeff. He was amazing."

Jerry Lee Lewis: "He's a killer. The boy's a playing fool. He showed up at my session and I didn't know you could play a bass this way."

John McLaughlin: "Jeff Berlin is almost alone in his greatness as a bass player."

Jeff Berlin has other qualities that make him more than a standout musician. Jeff is committed to education. To improving the quality of music instruction for students who want to be the best players they can be. It is to that end that Jeff started The Players School of Music in Clearwater, Florida. It's Jeff's goal to have a music school second to none. By putting together a faculty made up of some of the finest instructors and educators in the country The Players School of Music offers an outstanding curriculum. A curriculum based upon proven techniques, with an emphasis on personal attention. Jeff even oversees the day to day operations of the school to assure that the quality of the instruction and the educational experience meets his high standards.

In addition to Jeff's playing and his involvement in education, he is also aware of the importance of hearing health issues. He's been a solid supporter and friend of H.E.A.R. Jeff uses his school and his public appearances as opportunities to alert musicians and music fans to the dangers of exposure to excessive levels of volume. He knows ear protection and preventative measures are important to healthy hearing.

H.E.A.R. is proud to honor Jeff Berlin as our March V.I.P. His talent as a player is matched only by his willingness to give back to the musical community what he has learned and what he can share. Jeff is an example we can all learn from. Even if we can't play a lick!

P.S. To learn more about The Player's School of Music call (800) 724-4242 or email the school at playersk@cft.com. you can also visit their web site at www.playerschool.com/music-ed.


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