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Bob GhentVIP, February 1997

Bob Ghent

H.E.A.R. is pleased to announce that our friend and partner, Bob Ghent is the VIP for the month of February. Bob is a state licensed audiologist, a musician, and audio electronics engineer. He got his start in professional audio as a bench technician and audio engineer at Tychobrahe Sound Company in the early 1970's. More recently he has worked in a similar capacity for Schubert Systems Group and has taught Arts and Sciences at the elementary, high school and collegiate levels while preparing seminars in hearing science and hearing conservation for sound reinforcement and recording schools. Bob has had several technical articles published and has written about hearing health issues for musicians in the music industry trade.

Attempting to help alleviate and end the age-old conflict of ear damage and hearing loss in musicians, Bob now runs two similar, but separate practices out of his South Bay facility. Beach Cities Audiology, which derives it's patients from doctor referrals and managed care contracts, and the Musicians Hearing Institute which was created to serve the hearing healthcare needs of musicians and sound industry professionals. Others who benefit from M.H.I.'s services are concert goers, audiophiles and music lovers who appreciate and wish to maintain their hearing in the best of health. The Musicians Hearing Institute is a proud partner of H.E.A.R. and shares in their vision and commitment to education and hearing conservation. H.E.A.R. is proud to salute Bob and all of his commendable work!!


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